Traditional meanings of Mid autumn festival

Mid autumn festival takes place every middle month of August in lunar calendar. It is also called reunion festival as this is the time for family members to gather together to have party under moonlight

Mid autumn festival takes place every middle month of August in lunar calendar. It is also called reunion festival as this is the time for family members to gather together to have party under moonlight. They enjoy moon cake together, adults drink tea, see the moon and sing traditional songs while children have lantern parade, lion dance and sing Mid-autumn songs. They then have a party with candy and fruits which have been prepared by their parents.

A story about the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

It is said that, King Duong Minh Hoang (713 – 741) used to walk around in Ngu Uyen Gargen on the middle of August in lunar calendar. On that night, the moon was so large, full and bright. The sky was beautiful with pleasure atmosphere. While enjoying the landscape, the king saw La Cong Vien fakir, also known as Diep Phap Thien. This fakir was able to put the king to the moon where the scenery was more beautiful. The king was fascinated about this fairy land with melodious sound, mysterious light and charming fairies dancing in pretty clothes. It’s not until the fakir reminded, that the king realized that morning’s about to come. He came back with regret in his mind. Coming back to his palace, the king asked to create a tune called Khuc Nghe Thuong Vu Y and ordered the people to organize lantern parade and party on mid-autumn in lunar calendar. At the same time, king and his wife were enjoying wine while watching dancing performance. Since then, those activities of lantern parade and having party have become our fork customs.



Grilled cake (Banh Nuong) - the truly taste of Mid-autumn.

Also at Mid autumn festival, people often made moon cakes which include baked cake and sticky cake and prepare a tray of fruit, enjoy tea or wine and see the moon. Children are prepared with star lights, lanterns for lantern parade and having party.

Meanings of Mid – Autumn Festival

In Vietnam, Mid-autumn festival is the occasion for parent and children to gather together, for children to more deeply understand about the sacrifice and care of their parents. Thus, this festival contributes to strengthen family love.



Paper lantern - The thing that children like the most in festival.


On this festival, people often prepare a meal offering their ancestors which contains moon cake, fruit, tea, wine and some dishes to express their gratefulness. Mid – Autumn festival is also a chance for offspring to fulfil their filial duty, to show gratitude to their benefactor. Thus, they buy moon cakes together with good tea or wine as gifts for their parents, grandparents, friends and relatives.

Some compelling picture of Mid-autumn along Vietnam:


Hoian with flower lanterns.



Or the cute one along Hoai River.



Hanoi is also more birght by the gender girl in traditional dress.



They always decorative for the charm of the festival.



Tuyen Quang City is one of the places done their mid-autumn by the most impressing way.

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